Entrust the management of your rental property to an experienced team, and optimize your investment with confidence! To maximize your property, cover the annual charges or simply organize your holiday.

Rent, we take care of everything!

We can work à la carte or in partnership and allow you to benefit from our trading tools, insurance, financial security, households, bedding services , client monitoring, etc.


To owners:
  • Freedom of occupancy,

  • Rigorous monitoring of all administrative, commercial, financial, accounting, operational, rental stock, tenant satisfaction, ...,

  • Rental guarantee,

  • All optional services to owners (household, cleaning bedding, linen rental, cleaning, etc),

  • Optional services to tenants (cleaning, linen hire, bed made, etc),

  • Various marketing channels and professional networks,

  • Automated information on rentals,

  • Systematic inspections,

  • Management reporting.


To tenants:
  • Our advice,

  • Our detailed documentation,

  • Our cancellation and interruption of stay insurance to facilitate customer loyalty,

  • Our availability throughout their stay,

  • Our privilege discounts or benefits to our partners.

Will also be organized all necessary follow up to maintain an optimal level of your equipment and property.
Do not hesitate to contact us, for more information.


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