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The five major steps to buy your property with confidence on the Beaufortain Mountains.

Your estate project in 5 steps

The Agency Grand Mont supports you in your real estate project with a tailored guidance and advice.
A real estate purchase includes steps for which we advise you and let you move forward with confidence ..


1. Find the perfect one

Do not hesitate to contact us regularly for more information, visit the property, ...


We help you define your specifications to best meet your project:
the type of property desired, surface, budget, neighborhood, primary or secondary residence, property to rent ...



2. Sign the sales agreement

Once you've found your property to buy and you agree on the price and terms with the seller, we can help you write a pre-contract or promise of sale to freeze your transaction.



3. Finance your project

You have 45 days to make your funding from the date of signing the sales agreement.
Feel free to compare offers from several banks, insurance and financial guarantee insurance.

Again, based on our experience, the team at Grand Mont is able to advise you.
Do not forget to rate the overall cost of your project, including all legal fees, costs and any intermediate work.



4. Sign at the notary

Once your credit secure, you can make an appointment with the notary to formalize your sales agreement with the seller.
You have 3 months from the signing of the preliminary draft and the official act.

Different documents are required to compile your file:
property diagnostics, planning documents, copies of cadastres, mortgage statements, etc..



5. Welcome home!

You are a new owner in Les Saisies resort. We are thrilled!
Do not hesitate to consult our service Property Management if you want to rent your property few months during the year.

Discover the Services we offer to owners to relieve them when they put their property for rent.



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